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At the core of every individual we have moments where we know what is important to us and we know what puts us at ease and often when we compare that to the world outside, we or our ease and our flow appears out of step with that world and so what can happen is that we start to doubt ourselves, at a very core level.

And this moves us from our feelings and our inner self and it lifts us to our mind and then we start to compare ourselves to out in the world and we start to find ourselves wanting. We’re not slim enough, we’re not beautiful enough, we’re not a male, we’re not a female… we’re not enough.

And it’s in this part of the process, that we start to limit our success. It’s right here in this core part where we start to put very subtle and unconscious limits on our ability to create the world that fulfils us, that satisfies us, that nurtures us, that honours us, and then that is without the conditioning aspects of parents, family, society, school, the media etc.

So, being a Consciousness Coach, I operate from very high consciousness and levels of frequency. I want to bring people to that awareness that within them is divine mastery. That within them is beauty and core essence and just magnificence. We are just all magnificence and we often grow up in environments that never say that and certainly don’t reflect that and so we start to try and fit in and in the process of fitting in we dishonour ourselves and in the process of dishonouring ourselves we step away from that pure mastery.

And so, as a Consciousness Coach my desire, my whole focus is to help people go back and define a more holistic version of success to bring more balance to their life, to celebrate the mind and the magnificence that the mind can create and dream of and imagine and organise and structure and with a love, a gentleness, a nurture, a serenity, it’s really just a deep outward breathe of HAaaaaaa………. that comes from the heart.

So there is time to love, there is time to smile, there is time to breathe, there is time to touch, there is time to talk, there is time to acknowledge, there is time to celebrate, there is time to be present with yourself and those that are around you.
And so, to me,  that is the definition of success modified by however somebody personally flavours that for their own thing but that is the core essence of success and when we move towards that place we start to bring about flow.
And flow itself has now become a business term and its now very much about a manifestation term and while I totally agree with that, the technique to be in flow is that state of balance and what happens for most of us is that when we are starting to try and create flow with importance we often run to what’s more important to us which is the mind maybe, so we got to do it the right way.
You know, we talked about the third person, ‘that’s how you do it’, so we go to the mind of  ‘how we do it’ or we go to the heart of “Well, I can’t do it that way because it doesn’t feel right” and so we lose the ability to create balance.
When in fact, to create flow we need to be very clear on what we want to create. And so this natural movement between the head and the heart help, doesn’t support manifestation. It’s like a Stop – Go! It’s like a foot on the brake and a foot on the accelerator, so there is a lot of noise and not a lot of action.
And so to me, first we want to define what’s success is across all those mechanisms, and then we want to define how to recognise flow, and how to see how we might be leaning out of flow, trying to find flow. And get in our own way again from that paradigm. And as we start to do this we start to realise that we are the creators of our world. We cannot control everything out there but we certainly can control and influence how we respond to it.
And this is kind of humorously what I call lovability. The ability to love. To have the ability to love ourselves while we are developing capability. And it’s this beautiful dance that’s at the core of what I want to move to.
And because of that I’ve created a whole range of very clear programs ; body flow, health flow, money flow, spirit flow, and so these are taking that spectrum of success and breaking it down into specific programs that target specific areas of life, that people might wish to start the process.
And at the core of kind of underlying all of this is the ultimate relationship. And the ultimate relationship comes back to is the one that you have with yourself.

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