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That’s really hard to answer specifically because the first thing I want to do and set up when I’m having a session with someone is to find out what they want because the core of it is that I don’t follow an agenda and I don’t have a teachings per say that I’m trying to offer.

I say two standing together looking at a problem is better than one often and why did they bother to call? But in general once a person gives me a hint to the area that they are having trouble with in their life then I just sort of help them from a different paradigm, from a different perspective, from a different view point, I kind of help them unpack their assumptions and unpack their beliefs sometimes, it gets right down to core beliefs, and they start to realise that the one they are carrying may not be the only one that’s available.

And it’s this process of enlightenment or enlightening them to choice because a divine being has choice and to realise that you have free choice you must always realise where you no longer have choice because you become fixed or opinionated or dictated to by your own life experience.

True Consciousness has choice, and to have choice you must be able to see the good and bad of everything, and decide what is appropriate for your response. They normally find it quite transformational because it challenges core attitudes and we get really to the heart of the matter for them.

If someone doesn’t know what they want, I normally ask for permission to talk with their soul, their higher self and I ask it what they may need to know or what they might need to learn because this is again, not about me, I’m of service, I’m a vehicle.

I’m a person on my own journey, and part of that journey opened a doorway for me which I use for other people to expand their consciousness. It’s not what I want to give them it’s what their soul wants them to hear. That they may not be hearing, and we know when we always get it right because they can feel in their beingness, they can feel the release of the emotion, or they can feel the fight if they are hanging on. It’s a very interactive process.

Any way that’s what they get from working with me, you learn something about yourself, you make some changes and life seems to seem different somehow as the world out their starts to reflect itself differently, because you’ve changed your lenses.

Does it matter if they see you in person or over Skype or via phone?

It makes very little difference. What matters really is that I tune into them because everyone has an energetic signature, they have an energetic fingerprint really, and when they make contact with me they send out kind of like their energetic email and as they send that I connect in, follow the link back, and with their permission, because they have made contact with me, then engage. I don’t engage until they make contact and I don’t engage in any way deeply until we start talking. But I do kind of like send a message received and response back to their higher self. So, they know we are tuned in and sometimes even that is enough for their world to start changing. Often it’s more when we sit down and start talking. If I’m going to connect to their higher self, rather than read their physicality, the energy in their voice and their languaging, I always ask permission. Then we kind of sit in, there are kind of three of us, them, me, and their higher self. We sit and commune.

So no, it doesn’t matter “how”.

When I do workshops in the dream state I will often split my consciousness across everyone in the workshop, and hold them while they are in dream state or meditating, through the evening.

Actually that’s what happens with Sang Sun, which is something I will be doing a lot more of, where people basically sit, and I teach them how and I share with them how to feel, the different energy by demonstrating it. So very little speaking very much energy transmission backwards and forwards and holding the space for them to open to their own magnificence.

Simple question, it’s about permission and respect.

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