Vision Flow

Vision Flow is kind of beautiful and child like. It’s very much about seeing beyond what life is like. We are programmed so much from the core of how life should be that we can’t even imagine how it could be like. We try and repair what we see as wrong. We don’t have a clean slate.

We just can’t go into this space and say ‘What would it be like if we didn’t have a fear of death? What would it be like if we didn’t have a fear of no money? What would it be like if we didn’t have a fear of starving? What would it be like if we didn’t have the problems that are so real?’ Vision flow really goes beyond that.

Just for a moment though, can we imagine what it would be like without them being there? Can we just take a moment, can we go into, and this is where I use my connection with spirit, and we actually go and visit several different cultures, and we take them to different energetic structures or planetary places and we see how life is for some people and how life can be.
Then we take them sometimes back to little bit of past life stuff, so they’ve felt some stuff in themselves when they’ve lived in the state of joy and then we kind of examine the consciousness that bind people to one view of life and then we always finish off with this beautiful, beautiful, meditation where people just get bathed in joy.

Joy is a frequency of energy that is so far beyond what people call happiness. It’s in a different level and so showing people what joy is and joy is in celebration and mystery. It’s waking up and enjoying what the day might have, not what I’ve planned it to be.
Now this works in opposite to someone who goes ‘You know, I got to run a business and plan out.’ And you know that if I’m catching a plane I might have to know what time to be at the airport but I could still wonder who I’m going to sit next to. I can wonder what the experience is going to be like. I could just have so much fun going through customs. I can chat to everyone, I can have fun. I can be a ray of joy all the way through the entire airport.

Vision Flow is really a very playful and profound stretching of consciousness. It opens up layers of consciousness and different frequencies that allow you to imagine what it could be like and to experience it in the dream state, in the meditation state. For some groups we draw it as well.

And so what it does is it allows you to go and look at your life from a whole new paradigm and start moving towards your vision of how your life would be. In fact it gives you permission to live outside the mass consciousness. It gives you the tools, the permission, the experience to be the unique expression that you are and to only take from mass consciousness what you want.

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