“…I have done many workshops, groups, and trainings over the years, but nothing as enlightening and empowering as the past week’s events with Keith.” Christine. Australia


“…I loved all of Keith’s events. I had major life changing realizations and experiences that have fast-tracked my personal growth enormously.” Cristina.


“…I learned more about myself in my first 1:1 session with Keith than I had in years and years of personal development work.” Bronwyn, Australia.


“…I can’t begin to describe all the shifts that have occurred, since working with Keith. I have a deeper, more open heart, and a knowing that I am actually doing OK & that there is nothing to fear.” Lilly, Australia


“…A retreat with Keith is like ‘Soul- Surgery’. It’s fast-track to deep-heart opening and personal growth.”  James, Australia


“…Despite more than  40 years of inquiry and spiritual practice  and workshops and nauseum – I still felt stuck and unfilfilled! I was lost in a lot of doing for others in the belief that that was my purpose….And then I met Keith and WOW! What a Shake up! a very energetic kick in the posteria (to be polite)! I feel like he has shown me the missing pieces, the key to unlock myself…I feel profoundly grateful for the gift of Keith.” Athina, Australia


“…My experiences with Keith have been amazing and I am sure his teachings will  continue to have an impact on me as I venture into another chapter of my soul contract.” Kim, Australia


“…My 1:1 session with Keith was an amazing expereince and like no other therapy session to date. After years of soul searching and attempting to unravel the thing that was holding me back , Keith got to the core of the thing in minutes  and it all made sense and was spot on.” Charlotte, Australia


“…I find all of keith’s offering valuable and enjoyable.” Melissa, Australia


“…I feel immensly grateful for the retreat…One of the greatest gifts was the information/experience/understanding of connecting the heart to the base chakra and connecting the sexual energy to the heart.”  Robyn, Australia


“…Thanks to Keith for being who you are, for your wisdom, openness and humour to share the insights and expereince of living in the now, and of course the ‘wake up call’ . I haven’t felt this happy or content in years. I have a spring in my step  again even whilst walking home at midnight last night. I am happier in my space at home and more energetic!”  Tiffany, Australia


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