Spirit Flow

Spirit Flow is a program that I’ve designed to help people explore and understand the world of spirit. What I mean by that is much of the development around spirituality and spirit is to date, stepped in ritual and past trainings and past teachings. So, some of it has been turned into religions and some of it has been turned into the esoteric arts.

To me, Spirit Flow, the program we have developed is about taking you into the world of spirit so you can develop your own natural gift because you are a part of spirit. You are an individual aspect of the whole. And as that you have these enate gifts to be able to navigate the spirit world on your own.
Rituals and training are fantastic to help you introduce you to that process, but as you develop and expand yourself, it becomes an individual journey.

There is a lovely phrase from Buddha that is often quoted…
‘When you come to the turbulent waters of life,
Please feel free to use my teachings like a boat to cross to other side’

And many people talk about that but there is a very interesting piece at the end of it which most people don’t say but the quote continues…
‘But remember to cast my teachings adrift,
Because they will become a heavy burden as you climb the mountain of your own magnificence.’

And so this is really the journey for me about Spirit Flow, it’s to demystify some of the mystical, to give some pathways, some tools, some structures, some experiences and to join with people individually or in groups, to explore and develop and extend their connection and confidence at navigating the world of spirit. So, to make known the unknown, and really to find your way home because you come from there, we all come from there.

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