The Vibe

The VibeThe Vibe radiates out, showcasing your products, services and business to the world. It attracts and engages people with the vibration and rhythm of your choices and unique expression, awakening their desire to shop, purchase or seek ways to connect with and become part of your “tribe”.

As everything flows together, moving with the same frequency of energy, passion, commitment to quality, service and values your business is attractive, authentic and trustworthy. This is the intent of common branding and marketing… to understand and maintain the range of specific frequencies of Vibration that reflect your businesses core values.

Successful examples of this are easily seen… Apple, Virgin, Coke, etc. They focus intently on this area and if a product, service or operation moves out of rhythm and vibration with the core essence it is very quickly addressed and extra energy expended to lift the Vibration sufficient to heal the loss of vibrational frequency… or said another way… to provide so much new value and feel good experiences the person loses sight of what went wrong and focuses on all the new value they have received.

The world is changing fast and there ways of doing business changing faster…

In the past business has been able to operate on a layered approach, their external Vibrational expression and their internal Vibrational core operation were more able to out of harmony with each other.

With the changes in openness and accountability, social media, virtual and viral realities this has become a very challenging area of business.

The internal changes have been emerging for a few years now and have sparked a new language and terminology. The changes that the market place and the workforce are calling for today are for alignment of vibration, for harmony of the energy and frequency.

MacDonalds did it with the hamburger… any where, anytime, any place you will get the same Vibration from our stores… The products and stores maybe slightly different regionally but you will know you are at “home” with us. Now they are under threat,  in areas of health and business practices, that do not fit into the modern family “home”… and thus their vibration has fallen out of rhythm and frequency with their product and stores etc… and their earnings are reflecting the drop in frequency.

Call us now for a chat, an Vibrational WoF for your business and lets see how you are managing the change and lifting profits.

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