The Beat

The BeatThe beat of life vibrates within us like a drum, its rhythm and vibration moves us from our core outwards into the world, into relationships and into business. This internal drive is natural, it heals our heart, keeps us positive and open to the beauty in life and each other. It infuses us with courage, a desire to experience more, contribute more and achieve more.

As we start to move outward, towards places, people, situations and goals, we look for others going in the same direction for empathy, understanding and support and a travelling companion. As we connect and exchange experiences we can loose our personal beat.

Sometimes we may find our beat and our rhythm getting drowned out by louder, more dominating sounds. Sometimes we may find ourselves in a place of mis-steps and mis-takes that makes us move towards the safety and adoption someone else’s.

We may even get overwhelmed by life causing us to temporary depress and suppress our Beat and rhythm so much we hardly live life, a state of living without life.

It doesn’t matter if we are a little out of step in one area of life, or deeply lost in confusion and uncertainty, our unique Beat is always available to us. It is held safely deep inside the stillness of our core.

There are many ways to re-experience our beat, and re-make it ours again. It is ours and ours alone. Others may have a similar beat as ours, we may resonate together, we may dance together, we may find and develop a rhythm together but our unique “Beat” can never be theirs and theirs can never be ours.

This is the simple truth. In all the ways we connect, in all the ways we are one, in all the ways we co-create and find unity, in this one area we will never be the same. We will always be alone with our-self and as we settle into this level of acceptance and surrender we can understand and value another unique beat.

In all the teachings, in all the religions, in all the advanced neuroscience’s, in quantum physics, in elite sports and even at times of life and death it is universally accepted that as we connect into our unique beat, the vibration that holds us in existence, we find ourselves in the presence of something special. This presence has been called God, Source,Truth, Divine and many other words …

No matter what it is called… when a person finds their own beat and lives their life from that contradiction…the internal stillness within and the unique beat and rhythm that flows from that out into the world they feel fulfilled, complete and connected.

If you desire some support to re-awaken, to re-align with your stillness and unique beat …I would be honoured to help… Please make contact.

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