Money Flow

This topic always grabs a lot of interest because our world has a measurement or a tool called money and one of the biggest challenges is for most of us is we live and we come from a place of scarcity, of less than. So that when we go towards money we always have a push and a fear and that actually pushes away stuff.
It’s incredibly hard to be able to receive and we all know how hard it is to be love and gift so how is it to receive gifts from the universe? It questions our sense of self and it questions who we are and so for many of us we talk about the art of attraction and we still think we have to do something. But money flow is about being something and it’s being something that’s attractive.
To draw money towards you it’s about celebration and many people coach it as passion but sometimes passion by its energy is an outward energy and this is really an inner glow, an inner delight and suddenly we become attractive and we become attractive to the universe and we accept that it’s our natural birthright to receive and so our choices and our decisions are based from a position of celebration and flow.
In one of my workshops I take a packet of chocolate biscuits and I hold then in my left hand open with the wrapping off, and I say nothing. I just eat one with pure delight and sometimes I have to eat two but very seldom. Most of the time I’ve said nothing and done nothing but people start coming up out of the audience because they want to share my experience and they come and take a chocolate biscuit. So on one hand you could say I’m giving chocolate biscuits but I’m not. I’m sharing my celebration of these chocolate biscuits and they want to be part of the party.
What’s the difference with being a lover? What’s the difference with finding your partner? In fact, the more you change yourself to be attractive to a partner, the more you won’t get one. The minute you let it all down and just be authentic and natural and let your inner essence flow, people will trip over themselves to find you and it works the same way in the universe.
But many people go towards the surrender of receipt and they stay still and do nothing and it’s not that. You have to go out and glow and go out and radiate. You have to go out and just be passionate about life and what we are doing with these recording is exactly that. I’m just sharing my delight and you are delightfully recording them and transcribing them and people will delightfully listen as we get the shop up and we’re going to have delight.
And this is different to passion. If we are passionate about it we sometimes have a challenge with it.
Again in my workshops I show that if I man is passionately attracted to a woman, many woman withdraw because they feel that intensity. But slightly aloof and they seem to have a sparkle or a smile or seems to know himself or feels comfortable all by himself they want to come along and party with him. The universe works in exactly the same way and so does money.
So, money is a direct reflection of your sense of self worth. You can have a very powerful sense of your self-worth and be very wealthy and still be unhappy because their sense of self-worth which attracts their monetary value to them is an outward expression of their inner state.
They are still unhappy but at their core they know they have a worth, they have a right, and so they actually driving and pushing and our world responds to a degree to driving and pushing.
So, Money Flow is about the art of attraction and the surrender of receipt. You can take someone who is incredibly poor and give them money and they will be poor again next week, next month or next year and this why 80 to 90% of people who win lotteries run out two years later because they haven’t learnt the art of receipt.
It’s all around your attitudes, your values and your sense of self-worth.
Money flow is about living passion and celebrating the dream and it’s not an esoteric science it’s actually a very real way to draw wealth and money into your life.

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