Life Flow

This is really a good one today. The world is moving towards balancing.
Life Flow is that whole thing about balance and what I mean by that is I mean the balance between your internal and your external world in the first case. So it’s about how do I feel about myself and how does that reflect and influence my outer world.
From this we start to consciously manifest or consciously speak our truth. We consciously engage in the world, we express, we show who we are. We do all of this with a grace. We do all of this with a, not so much a need to demand for it but a gentle expression of who we are and we get ease out of that when the connection between the inner and outer world or what I call the inner landscape and the outer landscape, when they start to show up the same.
Most of our discomfort in the world, most of our life challenge in the world is when our internal emotional landscape, our internal mental landscape our thoughts attitudes beliefs and feelings that are internal to us, don’t seem to be reflected gracefully in the world around us and that forms us disease.
That forms us discomfort, that makes us go out of balance and when we go out of balance we trip into fear and then we start looking for the parts where the landscapes don’t meet. Then we start looking for problem in the world.  And that is where if you have ever met someone who is quite negative, they have just come to the point, through habitual experiences to look for the negative.
They are looking for the disaccord in life rather than looking for the ease in life. Looking for the balance in life.
So, this flows thru to relationships, this flows through to every part of our world. In fact it is using our world to show us how well we are at ease with ourselves. And so this is the correlation between the two.
And that is really about life flow. It is a beautiful program that touches on most aspects of life and really it gives you a core strength that just anchors you no matter what is happening outside you always have one foot deeply embedded in who you are and what’s important and how to stay in your centre and that’s where it gets its beauty from.

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