Is Keith affiliated with any Church?

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No, I’m not. To me, if you look at all churches and all religions I think they serve a wonderful purpose. They give a mechanism and a structure and a set of rules, maybe a set of agreements, and a set of beliefs that stimulate people and allow people to feel connected and part of a group and that is a very core part of human dimension.

Personally, just on a side note, I’d love it if the churches could find ways to celebrate each other, a little more.

A part of this human conditioning is to push away from anything that’s different. We just haven’t learnt to love ourselves deep enough yet.

But no I’m not affiliated to any church or religion, I find magnificence and beauty in all of them in some aspects and I separation and challenge and some pieces of most of them that I find, that don’t seem to work towards unity.

But no I am part of the universal church of life, Source Energy, Christ Consciousness, Love really but not so much human love, the higher frequency of love, love that sees it as it is, how it is, without judgement.

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