Heart Flow

Heart Flow is the most powerful of them all. Many people say ‘Well, heart doesn’t really matter. It’s all in the mind anyway.’
It’s not. The heart is at the core of the body and because it’s basically an inter-dimensional doorway. It is the pivot point between the physical and the non-physical worlds. Three chakra’s up and three chakra’s down. The bottom three deals with feelings, the top three deal with frequency.
The heart interprets frequency as a feeling. Tunes into the feeling and transmits it to the brain as a thought which turns it into a frequency. The heart really awakens your own magnificence and it shows you where your core purpose is and your core purpose always is to love. Your soul expression or your soul purpose is could be to find love in certain ways, in certain behaviours, in certain aspects but heart flow is really to take you to a place of you are a child of God and you are born to live like one. And so you are born to love. That’s what we want and as you access love and hold love and bring it more to unconditionality of love, truly unconditional, then all the different civilisations, all the planets, all the animal kingdoms, are open to you. They start to open.
I’ve gone off and I’ve done the body, and I’ve done the chakras and every time it brings me back to the heart. There are people out there who are better psychics than I am, there are some people out there who are clairmediums than I am, but the really interesting part is that because I work so deeply in the heart, I have it all.
So when I’m with a medium I can be there and when I’m with a psychic I can be there, and when I’m with an animal I can be there. And when I’m with a planetary structure I can understand where they are coming from because as they feel my love for them, they open their mysteries and they want to share and unite and join and this is the core. Heart flow is unity. There are a lot of people running around talking unity and it’s not coming from heart. It’s coming from concept.
Heart Flow is about awakening to your own magnificence.

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