Business Flow

Business Flow is a great program and I want to extend it a little bit for the listeners to understand that business flow, we might even call it project flow. So this program is about learning to create flow when you are actually trying to achieve something. And one of the key ingredients of this again is working out and prioritising the core aspects between what’s important and what’s critical for you and what you are fearful about which is often the uncritical part.

And so with this whole business flow it starts from that key aspect of what actually is your business? How is it different? What’s the true essence for you so that you can put your emotional energy into that business and not your fears.
One of the things that most people in business end up working in their business not on their business. Typical business language but what they are really doing is that there is a fear or two that makes it easier for them to do specifics and to do things that they know what to do rather than tackle the tasks that they don’t.
It doesn’t mean you have to do that it all it just means you have to get these things done rather than focus on getting lost in those activities you know. And the reason why this is such an important program for me is that our world is all about achievement. Our world is all about doing; our world is all about, especially in a project, getting to a conclusion.
And what I have learnt over the years is that there are several ways to get to a conclusion and our way commonly in business is very much about what we might say is fear based or scarcity based.
And it’s very much about being driven by taking or getting. Whereas the new social media type models are all about giving and receiving. And so there are some fundamental differences here.
I also just want to add a little piece here is that once we start to calm and work outside our business and start to go into he deeper aspects of business I can introduce people to some threads of flow that are quite fascinating.
I can walk into most businesses and within a few moments tell you where the blockages in the business profit or where the blockage is in the business flow, I can walk into an office and tell you who is controlling the office, and how they are influencing the attitudes of all the staff. And all these skills are available to everybody when we get out of the traditional model and move into a slightly expanded state of awareness.
One of my exercises with a previous life insurance friend of mine, I had him have his secretary put all the mail on his desk every morning and in the car before going to the office he started to work out how many envelopes were addressed to him, to the general manager etc. So then we transferred this skill to his clients. So he would walk into a client and within a minute know that that client won’t buy off him. So he would give some information, shake his hand, walk outside and get one of his staff to go in and make the sale.
And he would know exactly what staff member would make that sale. So his results when out through the roof. So there are natural flows within a business and once we start to get at ease with business rather than taking the fear and adversity part of it we start to see what those flows are and as those flows come into play life become very easy and business becomes more of a joy that a challenge. It still has challenging moments but it’s a joy. It’s an expression of who you are and it still gives you the returns or rewards that you are looking for.

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