Body Flow

Body Flow is a program that has emerged out of my healing work. In the process of healing, I started to understand how the body’s energy flows work and how the matrix of consciousness that holds the body in existence actually works. It’s kind of like your body has its own consciousness and you inhabit it, and so it repairs you and maintains you and stores all your hurts and your pains and your feelings and your body itself is a self-renewing, self-repairing, self-replicating mechanism. That has its own consciousness and it is quite capable of allowing you to live forever.
What happens however is that from the moment we inhabit the body, we start to control, modify and alter the process of maintaining the body in optimum health. So we start thinking with our mind, we don’t listen to the body and so part of what I do is about introducing you back to your body,  taking you back so that you can work with your body.
I’ve shown Olympic Athletes, I’ve shown Cancer Patients, I’ve shown a large number of people how to do super-human feats, when they get out of the way of their own body.
The body is an incredibly powerful resource, it monitors and breathes, it is the most complicated mechanism known to man and man knows nothing about it and it has all this resource.
I basically say that if you go on the internet and look for superhuman feats of strength, you will normally find that they have a love component. It’s a love component for someone else or a love component for themselves. If someone loves themselves enough they will cut their arm or leg off to get away from being trapped and they can go right through the pain barrier. They don’t faint, they don’t die. They get out of it. Mothers can have a car accident and pick a car up to get their child.
All these things are when the limitations of the mind are pushed away by love and the goes ‘I need to do this!’ and the body goes ‘Ok!’
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our medical and health fraternity helped that? And developed that? But there would be little research because it would remove a whole industry.
So, basically Body Flow is advanced healing and awakening you to your body’s consciousness. It is quite aware of who it is, bringing you back to optimum health.

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