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“Tell me about yourself!” How do you sum up fifty years of living life in one page, three paragraphs?

We have all lived. We have all loved. We’ve all had dreams. We’ve all been disappointed. We’ve all had parents that celebrated us. We’ve all had parents that have challenged us. We’ve all had love lost and we’ve all had hurt and in amongst this whole kind of soup of life, we have become who we are.

Somewhere in that process my core, my essence, my spirit, my soul, decided it wanted to show me more of who I am rather than who I have become. I had some really interesting experiences.

Now I would answer that question;

I’m a Soul. I’m an aspect of the divine. I’m life force living in a body. Walking in a body, talking through a body, experiencing this world as a human, as everybody else is with a part of my awareness, and a part of my consciousness, in the non-physical world in the flow of energy. In the dance of the emotion, in how everything is linked together, through sound, through quantum physics, through light….

I’m a divine being, in the process of learning what that actually means.

As I share others somehow seem to find that magnificence within themselves. They feel touched, they see something, they recognise something, they celebrate something, and just to make it interesting some people find something to fight about as well. So, there again, that’s who I am.

I am a person trying to live life from core integrity to the best of my ability. Bringing through the highest level of love and self-awareness that I can to share what I have learnt about myself. To share what I have learnt about how the quantum and the matrix of life works and to support anyone else on that journey for themselves.

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